Dame Dash Schools The Breakfast Club (Power105.1)

I’ve watched the Dame Dash ‘Breakfast Club’ (power105.1) interview on YouTube twice, and I must say it was very entertaining as well as enlightening. Some of the disparaging remarks made toward Dame Dash may seem valid due to his brash deliver, but his perspective on doing for self is right on point. He just needs to be a little more tactful in getting his point across so that he can reach a much broader audience. I disagree with him degrading someone in order to get his viewpoint across, but where he comes from that was the method that was used so he is a product of it. 

Regardless of what people say or how they may disagree with his method, however, he is an intelligent and an astute businessman.   I would caution not to read much into what’s being said about his finances through the media. He doesn’t have the access he once had, but he is not broke. He just needs to work on his presentation skills because he has a lot to offer particularly to those in the black community that are looking to become entrepreneurs.  His concept of reinvesting back into your business in order to remain successful is utilized to this day.  

Dame Dash stated that he created his wealth independently but was evasive in his response in explaining how he achieved that wealth. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that he was a drug dealer, allegedly. All he did was do what some whites in this country did before him; he created his wealth from drug dealing. There would be no Kennedy fortune if their dad were not importing liquor during prohibition, allegedly.

Dame Dash knows how to survive and he has done more for blacks in the hood than some blacks with college degrees because at least Dame gave back to his community when most did not. He just needs to articulate his message without degrading the man in front of him. We should all aspire to have our own and become entrepreneurs. What Dame is saying is that working for someone you will always be at his or her mercy.

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