Was Creflo Dollar Wrong Asking His Followers for 65 Million For Jet?

Televangelist Creflo Dollar is asking 200,000 of his followers to donate $300 or more dollars to help him purchase a new private jet. Now this has caused some to ridicule him for asking his followers to help him purchase such an expensive jet. Now in no way do I agree with Creflo Dollar, I don’t condone prosperity preaching at the same time what we have to understand he is asking his followers and those that support his ministry.

I read that Creflo Dollar lives in a mansion and has several expensive cars, and people are up in arms over it. If his teaching has afforded him the opportunity to live an extravagant lifestyle, then so be it. Now my only concern would be how his followers are living. I don’t believe any leader of a spiritual organization should live extravagantly unless all of their followers are prospering. That doesn’t mean all of them have to have mansions, but they should be in a position that their families do not want for anything.

If all Creflo Dollar’s followers are prospering from his ministry then what he has accomplished is none of our business. That’s between him and his followers. They are doing what they are supposed to do, looking out for the well-being of their leader.

I will not be contributing to his jet, but I wish him luck in reaching his goal.

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