Dr. Boyce Watkins Educates The Breakfast Club on Investing and Self-Empowerment

The Breakfast Club had Dr. Boyce Watkins on the show this morning at the request of Charlamagne Tha God, one of the co-hosts of the Breakfast Club. Dr. Boyce was there to speak on investing and self-empowerment.

This interview along with the Dame Dash interview was arguably the best interviews on the Breakfast Club. I applaud the Breakfast Club for having the courage to have Dr. Boyce Watkins on the show. Dr. Boyce Watkins is a financial expert and has numerous websites i.e. Yourblackworld.com, which I recommend everyone to check out.

Dr. Boyce gave me an opportunity to blog for yourblackworld.com while I was blogging on my website Treytruth.com, and I will always be eternally grateful to him. Check out the interview; it’s right in line with Dame Dash’s interview. Dr. Boyce gives a scholarly perspective to Dashes interview.

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