White South Carolina Police Officer Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting Of Black Man

On Saturday April 4, 2015 Walter Scott was murdered by a white police officer in South Carolina after being pulled over because of a broken brake light. Police Officer Michael T. Slager, pulled Walter Scott’s vehicle over on a routine traffic stop and somehow the two men end up in a vacant lot when the horrific incident took place.

Several days after the incident the officer was charged with murder after a video surfaced showing the officer shooting Scott in the back as he ran away. Slager in a statement made through his attorney’s office early this week maintains that he feared for his life during the traffic stop.

It appears the office tried to cover up the shooting. First, Slager can be heard reporting the incident on his police radio stating “Shots fired and the subject is down, he took my Taser,” Slager said according to police reports.

The officer was arrested and charged with murder because he made a bad decision according to Mayor Keith Summey. The Mayor stated in his new conference “When you’re wrong, you’re wrong,” Summey said. “When you make a bad decision, don’t care if you’re behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live with that decision.”

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