Support #SayHerName Because Black Women And Girls Matter, Too

The news reports on killings and shootings of unarmed black men by white police officers always have dominated the mainstream media. Lately, we have seen those killings all over social media forcing the mainstream media to report, but what is perplexing is that we seldom hear about black women that have died in the same manner. Leaving one to believe that even in death black women are less significant than black men being murdered.

Recently, I was forwarded an article from a friend, written by Lily Workneh of the Huffington post, titled “#SayHerName: Why We Should Declare That Black Women And Girls Matter, Too.” The article was about six black women, Tanisha Anderson, Rekia Boyd, Miriam Carey, Michelle Cusseaux, Shelly Frey, and Kayla Moore that were being remembered at a vigil in New York City last Wednesday. In the article Workneh writes,
“It’s not surprising if some of these names don’t sound familiar — but, activists say, it’s also not acceptable. As the national conversation about race and law enforcement has grown in recent years, the experiences black women have with police have largely been excluded.”

We have to change our attitude regarding “Black Women” specifically with this important matter so that we can begin to include them in the discussion. When a black man is killed by white police officers, the black woman is right out there marching showing her support. The black man needs to show the same support for her. The black man didn’t stand up for the black woman in slavery, he allowed the slave master to rape and abuse his woman while he set outside the house and cried. This mistreatment had a psychological effect on the black man, which is why the black man disrespects his woman today.

The black man was upset with his black woman for sleeping with the slave master. The black woman was hurt that he allowed the slave master to rape her without putting up a fight for fear of being beaten to death.

It’s time for the Black Man to stand up and fight for his black woman. He can begin by supporting the #SayHerName campaign.

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