A Toast to Race Relations… Nothing’s Changed

It’s hard to believe in this day an age; some people believe that racism doesn’t exist. If you believe this; sadly, you are misinformed. Hell, Donald Trump proves it every time he opens his mouth to speak as a Republican nominee for president. I’m here to tell you that racism is alive and well. In fact, it will always exist as long as the mindset of white supremacy exists in this country and around the world. Now let’s get one thing clear: Donald Trump does not speak for the entire Republican party no more than he speaks for whites as a whole. However, he does speak to and for a large constituency of whites that share his beliefs. To some, he may sound crazy but he knows to whom he is speaking to, and they are not all from the South. Some of them are ordinary white people that go about their business but have a deep-rooted hatred toward blacks and all people of color in this country.

The truth comes when they are in the comfort of their homes, a la Archie Bunker. I loved “All In The Family” because it forced us to deal with racism. While some whites laughed and smiled with blacks in public, when they were behind closed doors and in the comfort of their homes, it was a different story. That’s when they truly confessed their disdain for blacks and people of color in this country. Tell me what has changed today? History will repeat itself if blacks continue to lie dormant.

With the recent shootings of unarmed black men in this country and the countless white folks that are being caught on video/audio using the N-word, these acts reinforce that racism in this country has not changed but has been suppressed, specifically by whites. Most refuse to discuss racism as they feel blacks should just get over it, but let a calamity happen to them, they refuse to forget! They keep it out front so that history will not repeat itself.

Race relations in this country will never change due to some whites’ unwillingness to have open and honest dialogue regarding black concerns. Whites make the rules, so they set the standards, and as long as this way of thinking is the status quo, blacks will continue to be disenfranchised.

When some blacks have the courage to speak out against racism, the white media begin to use code words to describe them such as “combative, divisive, outspoken, etc.” Fox Commentator, Elisabeth Hasselback on her show Fox and Friends, spoke out against the Black Lives Matter Movement. She asked her guest Kevin Jackson, Executive Diretor of The Blacksphere, “Kevin, why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified yet as a hate group? I mean, how much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?” When blacks speak up, some white folks get nervous, as to say, “how dare they speak out against us after all we have done for them.” The attitude of a white supremacist will never allow blacks to become economically independent because they can no longer blame them for the terrible conditions of this country.

Racism is a learned behavior, and it is taught by white supremacists who have a deep hatred for blacks and people of color in this country. Some whites feel they have given enough to blacks, i.e. Affirmative Action but we all know that Affirmative action is Jim Crow dressed up in 20th Century liberalism.

Until Whites are willing to have a sincere dialogue about race relations in this country, civil unrest is imminent.

My name is Trey Coleman. I’m blogging to give some insight on politics, music, and entertainment. I’m a Republican, and I believe in capitalism. Contact me on my website Treystruth.com or follow me on twitter at @Treyce43 (Treys Truth)